Catherine as been my hairdresser for over 12 years now 3 when I got married. She is such a calming influence on one of the most important days of any girls life. Any wedding day is a extremely stressful day especially in the morning when you are getting ready to look the best you can and you need to trust your hairdresser which I did and still do …Myself and Catherine decided after nearly a year of growing my hair it just wasn’t me even though it looked good it just didn’t reflect my personality so we cut it all off 2 weeks before the wedding and it was the best decision we made. Hence on the wedding day it just fell into place. Catherine listens to what I want always and will tell me if it won’t suit me and then find a way for me to be happy with my style. To top it off she even made time to redo my sisters hair on the day after my sister wasn’t happy with her hair after another stylist put too much product into her hair. Catherine took one look at it and made sure my sister had her hair redone super quick but done by her. She is a fantastic hairdresser and I wouldn’t have anyone else ! Xx